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She is a sweet woman who always thinks the best of people, even I am a man with so many problems in life but Madeline was the kind of Chelsea escort who does not mind at all. I can tell that she has a lot of experience in handling people like me in the past. But I did not see this Chelsea escort of for over two years already. I am nervous if she stayed the same person. I really wanted to see Madeleine again.

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But when I confessed my love for her she told me that she did not want to complicate things between us. I respected her decision and after that I have never seen her again. I just hope that over the years she had learned to forgive me. I know that I am not a very good person like her other clients but she still does love me I can feel it. This time I plan to be more patient with this Chelsea escort. I will do everything that I can do try to help and solve some of her problems.

I know that I owe this Chelsea escort a lot because she was the only lady who was there for me in the past, more and more I am beginning to understand how it’s going to take to make this Chelsea escort mine. I am also very confident that things would work out between me and her in the future. There are always a lot of things that can happen in the future but I am certain that things could still work out. This time I will be more sensitive about what is going in with her life and try to complicate things. I know that I can do better.