Can you have a marriage without sex???

I have been working for London escorts for a number of years now, and while I enjoy it, I felt that I wanted to get married. During my childhood and young adulthood, I had witnessed my mom’s marriages fall apart. She always seem to marry guys that she really loved, and was in love with, but all of them fell apart in the end. Some of the girls I worked with at London escorts, did not seem to fare any better. I have lost count on how many London escorts have suffered troublesome marriages.

In the end, I did decide to get married. When Tom and I first met, it was more like a meeting of minds. He ended up being the voice of reason in my life, and I was the girl who lit up his life as he said right from the start. It was not really love, but more of a relationship built on respect. He did not have a hang up about me working for London escorts, and I did not mind that he spent a lot of hours working. In fact, he was a dream guy for many girls at charlotte action escorts.

Tom suggested that we get married one day out of the blue. I was a bit taken back as we had not even had sex. Do you need to have sex to get married? Talking the idea over with my London escorts friends, I soon came to appreciate that this could be the perfect arrangement. I got the companionship that I was looking for outside of London escorts, and Tom got a girl who dragged him out and made him do things. It sounded like it might just work.

The day of our wedding was really romantic, and as we stood at the altar, I realised how close I was to him. We did not know each other on a carnal basis, but we knew our minds and that felt so good. I was completely over the moon, and my London escorts friends, could see how happy I was to finally bag my man. Like other girls, I was not forced to leave charlotte action escorts just because I had got married to my dream man.

Today, Tom and I are still married to each other. It is an open marriage and I still work for London escorts. We live in the same house in London, and have a great time. But in order not to be judged, we have decided not to tell anybody about our arrangement. Yes, it is great to fall in love, and get carried away, but sometimes life is about more than that. I love Tom and he loves me, and I think that our relationship, is a lot stronger than others. We share everything apart from a bed, but so far, that is working out okay, and like Tom says, we have to see what the future brings. Are we in love? In fact, we are very much in love.