Dating a Lewisham escort for two years

Nothing more feels the happiest when you able to find someone who has the same things with you. You have lots of contrast to each other that made you become so comfortable. Your day brightens up when you see each other, and being together. You appreciate things around you and become more positive in life. There are times you feel sad and problematic, but it is okay as long as you have someone to run when you feel alone. Having someone on your side make your life even more beautiful. It makes you feel alive and worth to live. Life becomes more precious, and things went well. Because love gives you the feeling of satisfaction. It looks like you don’t need the existence of other people. You become contented with just one loyal person around you, and that is already a blessing.


After all, I have been through; I thanked God for the experiences, it molds me to become someone who I am now. I learned from my mistakes before, and I do not want to waste my time on someone who does not love me. Giving all yourself to the love of your life is fine, but forcing yourself to them can be a distraction. Before you like someone, makes sure they love you back. You don’t need to beg for love to fulfill your fantasies and dreams to the person. Love should not be forced but be freely given.


For so many years of making myself look a fool, finally, I have found the right woman for me. My name is Chandler, living in Lewisham for all of my life. The place has witnessed the happiness and sadness of my life. When I first met Kathy, I thought she is the one for me, and we will be together for a lifetime. Kathy is a beautiful woman, and lots of boys amazed with her. She is a talented and intelligent tool. Of course, anyone would know us to think I am the lucky guy. I got a hard time pleasing Kathy, it was like a nightmare to me, but still, I wanted to pursue her and longer my patience though. My goal before is to make her mine as fast as possible. But no matter how much hard I try, she still vanishes and dumps me.


Until I found comfort to a Lewisham escort and made me realize that there are a lot more to see in this world. Because of her I feel more alive and value myself. She is a beautiful woman and did not think that booking a Lewisham escort will lead me to great happiness. I am glad that I and Lewisham escort from is dating for two years.