I feel guilty about wanting to be single

I left the London escorts service that I worked for to marry this guy who was 25 years older than me. It was one heck of an age difference but I did not realise at the time. One day, the police knocked on my door. It turned out that my husband had suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. I did not know what to say and just found myself starring at the police. They were really good and waited until one of my friends had come around.

It did not take very long for the funeral to go through, and I soon found myself on my own. The first couple of weeks were very strange and I kept expecting to see him. My friends from cheap London escorts were always around, and made sure that I was okay. It was a little bit like I had lost all of my mojo. However, as time passed, I felt it coming back and I wanted to go back into the swing of things.

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One of the girls from London escorts suggested that I get my job back with the escort agency in London, but I felt that I was passed all of that. My husband had been rather wealthy, and after the will was read, I realised that I had plenty of money to live on. I was not going into rush into anything and at the end of the day, I had more than enough money coming from my flat that I was renting out.

It was weird, but I soon realised that I was happy in my own company. I had my friends from London escorts that I could hook up with at any time, and I also had the friends that I made during our marriage. Not only that, I had lots of things to do, and I was really beginning to wonder if I would be able fit in something like working again. I was certainly not in the mood for a relationship even though some of my husband’s friends were trying to take me out to dinner every other night. It was not really what I wanted at the time.

I soon discovered that I had enjoyed being single when working for London escorts. That feeling started to come back to me, and I was enjoying doing things on my own. Sure, I missed him, but maybe the truth was that I had not been that much in love with him as I initially thought. I started to feel guilty about that, but when I look back now, I do think that he felt that I loved him enough. He was the only man in my life I had never argued with, and I guess that is something. What does the future hold? I really don’t know. But I am enjoy my life, above all, I am getting a kick out of being single. It feels rather good to only have to look after me.