My Ex wife is gone and I am upset



I still cannot believe the news I heard the other day. My ex-wife has passed away. She died because of liver failure; she was not the healthiest human being.  She often likes to drink soda and eat sweet foods.  When we were still married, I always told her to be careful of what she eats.  She does not like to listen to me.  She gets angry whenever I try to stop her from eating unhealthy foods.  When she was young, she was very skinny and sexy.  She often gets recognition from people because of her beauty.  But she changed a lot after we got married.  She usually gets depressed all the time.

When she is depressed, she will eat a lot of unhealthy foods to feel the void. She did not fully recover after our first child died. She blamed herself for the death of our child.  I tried my best to convince her that it was not her fault.  But I was always unsuccessful, all of the people that loved her told her that it is better for her to move on because my ex-wife is starting to get crazy.  We all were very concerned for her, and we all wanted her to return to normal.  I feel guilty because I know that I could have prevented her from dying so early.

I know but if we had not been separated and got divorced.  She would still be alive by now. She is gone because of me if I figured out how to make our marriage still work even though we fight every day a lot.  She would still be alive now.  But it’s too late for me to change the past, all I can do is to learn from my mistakes.  I promised myself that I would be strong and never leave my wife in the future, as I did in the past.  I hope that I will always remember this lesson so that I would not experience this kind of guilt again.

As for now what I want to do with my life is to figure out how I am going to move forward with this guilt.  I tried it all, I drink alcohol a lot for a few weeks, but the guilt still lingers my mind.  I tried going to therapy, but it did not help me at all.  I was desperate in making the pain of losing my ex-wife go away.   I am very thankful to my friend for suggesting Guilford escorts.  Guilford escorts is the answer I was looking for.  Guilford escorts from help me forget all about my ex-wife. It was right there all along; I did not think that Guilford escorts would help me a lot and I was wrong.

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