Perform the Perfect Strip Tease


Strip Tease is a way to spice up your relationship, but not all women know how to do this, that is why Cheap Escorts from wanted to show you how to do it the right way

Performing a strip tease for your man is an exciting way to turn him on and a fun and effective precursor to sexual intercourse. Anyone is capable of doing a strip tease, as it doesn’t require any special dancing skills or knowledge, and certainly doesn’t require a pole or 6″ stiletto heels said girls from Cheap Escorts. But, what it does require is openness on your part, the willingness to try new things, and the willingness to be playful in the bedroom.

A strip tease can be a great form of foreplay for a man, as it allows them to slowly become more and more aroused. You can also completely surprise him with a strip tease anywhere in the home, if you happen to be home alone and have the curtains drawn tight said girls from Cheap Escorts. This can encourage greater spontaneity in your sex life, which has far reaching benefits in your relationship.

In performing a strip tease, it’s important to note that there’s a reason it’s called a tease. You must not rush to take all of your clothing off. With a strip tease, the point is not to get naked, but to tease your man. Each article of clothing is slowly, meticulously removed, with exaggerated movements that draw attention to the action and other parts of the body that may be more prominent because of that movement said girls from Cheap Escorts. For example, in removing undergarments, bend at the waist, sliding your hands along your body to draw attention to those areas, bending toward your man to better expose other body parts that are only partially undressed.

As you slowly undress, feel free to pause half way in removing an item, especially as you get down to only a few remaining clothing items, and pull the item back up on your body. This is a great move especially with undergarments, as the most teasing can be done this way said girls from Cheap Escorts. This further excites your man, intensifying his desire for you and his thoughts of taking you then and there. After pulling a clothing item back on, feel free to move around a little bit, perhaps strutting a few steps in one direction and glancing seductively back over one shoulder. You don’t have to dance, but you should move around somewhat, changing your position, and allowing your man to see you from every angle.

Items such as stockings, high heeled shoes, and jewelry can be left on, as removing they can be awkward and hard to accomplish in a sexy way said girls from Cheap Escorts. Plus, many men find the presence of stockings, high heeled shoes, and/or jewelry on a woman during sexual intercourse to be highly arousing and desirable.