There is no need to go hard core straight away if this is your first date with Bellingham escorts.


It amazes me the amount of guys who take work home with them at weekend, says Sandy from Bellingham escorts from One of the gents that I used to see a lot of here in Bellingham, came to see me the other day, otherwise I had not seen him for a few weeks. He was complaining that he was feeling lonely and wanted to see me. I asked him what he had been up to, and he said that he had been forced to take work home with him at the weekend. Well, that simply isn’t good for you, and you should try to avoid that.

The fact is that you can’t have it all. I know that your employer is probably encouraging to work hard, but you need to let you hair down every so often. The best way to do that is to forget about work and do something fun instead. For instance, there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a couple of days off to enjoy the weekend, and visit your favorite girls here at Bellingham escorts. London can be a really lonely place at weekends, and you may just want to chill out a bit.

There is no need to go hard core straight away if this is your first date with Bellingham escorts. I know what it is like meeting new people, and it is not always easy to step across a girl’s door step and say “Hi, here I am”. If you like we can meet for a drink or a coffee first of all, and on our second date, you can always come around for a massage and a nice chat. The truth is that I don’t want to rush you at all, I just want to make sure that you have some fun in your life.

Once we know each other better, I can think of many exciting things that we can do when we are together. You may even have your idea of what you would like during the time you spend to me. No problem, at all, and just like all other Bellingham escorts, I am open to suggestions. But, if you have something very special in mind, would you please tell the girls on reception, so that I know that I can be ready for you. We don’t want to waste your weekend now, do we?

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