Ways To Build Intimacy In A Relationship

Intimacy is the hardest thing for a man to initiate and in today’s world, intimacy is falling by the wayside in favor of shallow materialism. Men buy things and offer them up in hopes of winning favor with their loved one. But, this isn’t the way it’s done.

Men haven’t learned how deal with the adult theme of intimacy, in either school or home. They don’t know what it means to be close to someone. Perhaps we can blame the schools as poetry and the arts of Romanticism have ceased to be a priority, when teaching English or are only given a passing glance, as we are too busy becoming practical trying to prepare for a job.

Today is the time to turn back this ignorance and show men that they can be close to the ones we love. Because if we don’t learn intimacy, there are, countless others out there who would leap at the chance to be in our place with the one we have set our sights on. We will give you a crash course in intimacy with two bits of advice on how to develop it. With them, you can become a more rounded individual and get more in tune with your loved one and yourself.

Learn to cook

Preparing a meal with your own two hands is becoming a lost art for men. By learning how to cook, you can create an environment of intimacy as you show you have qualities that go beyond the ability to pay the bill at a fast-food restaurant or even that expensive bistro across town.

You can build a mood of closeness. Playing soft music builds an ambiance in the room while you prepare and serve the meal. The choice of ingredients and delivery of a multicourse meal is appreciated by a woman because it shows you care about her pleasure and will take the steps needed to catch her eye.

Don’t forget the little things. Napkins folded properly, candles, silverware placed properly, and a fine wine. This means you have to develop a sophisticated understanding of the finer things in life. This helps you develop your sensitivity to not only your own feelings but also those you come in contact with, as well as your significant other.

The discipline of cooking teaches attention to detail, observation, and above all else sensitivity. You learn to see and observe everything around you. You can apply this to you feeling and those of others. When you can get in touch with your feelings you can sense the feeling of a woman and understand her unspoken language of eye, a shift of a shoulder, and a turn of the wrist that is a silent language all of its own that men normally are oblivious to. This sensitivity creates closeness between two people that most never experience nowadays.

Learn the power of words

Poetry is a lost art as many today scrap by when they study English. Writing is restricted to the boardroom business letter or memo. Learning the secret of English’s meter, rhyme, and the turn of a phrase that not only improves you language skills. It develops the ability to use language like music. Music is a doorway to intimacy. Your way of speaking can build a bond or create understanding on a level that can’t be found today in most conversations that focus only on banal topics of who won the game or who is doing what to whom on the tube.

Your words show the nuances of feeling and create a web of intimacy. The woman you are speaking with will respond to the tone and melody you are using your voice to create.

These two things

By following the two ideas mentioned above, you can increase not only your ability to create intimacy and chemistry but learn about yourself in the process. Food is the door to the heart and romance. Poetry and the power of words open that door and invite one to come outside and partake of the interplay of feelings and emotions they evoke.

Intimacy is a learnable ability that more men show strives to develop in themselves. If you do this, your relationship will grow and progress to a higher level.

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